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Your Homework Buddy.

Math is an important part of human existence.
However, we believe that the time you spend on Homeworks
should be used to do other productive things.

is a small company that is based on Iloilo.
We aim to lessen your burden of having to do
those time consuming math homeworks.

We understand that Math should be given attention by students
and we believe that students could not focus on learning
if they can't empty their heads from stress on the night.

With these reasons we built DoMyHomework,
to help you focus by eliminating distractions.

Why do I need it?

Seriously? I mean, is this really a question?

Have you experienced having five 10-page assignments
due TOMORROW? and the worst part is its already 3AM!
Sigh. We feel you. We hate that kind of feeling.
We are here to help you.

How it works?

Once you have created your account,
just follow the steps and filling up forms and you're good to go.
We have a designated area in West Visayas State University
where you can also submit and settle your payments.


As much as we wanted this to be free, we simply could not operate without funds.
With this regards, we first planned to charge everyone by Php 300.00,
But I want this to be affordable and beneficial to both of us,
so we decided to just charge you Php 150.00.
But that's not all, if you are one of the first 100 customers,
we will give the service for just Php 100.00.
Isn't that amazing? How cheap is a hundred in exchange for time?


Our first launch is currently open for West Visayas State University students only.
However, in the upcoming months, we plan to expand to Universities like,
Central Philippine University, ISATU, University of the Philippines, and other
Universities and High Schools across Iloilo. Our lifetime goal is to open our site globally
and to help as much people as possible.

We would like to give other subjects like English, Science a taste.
We also plan to be doing these homeworks for you.
How amazing is that? Just give us time and we'll rock this world!

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